Howdy Hey! I'm Jess!

Hey there! I'm so happy you stopped by! My name is Jess and photography is my passion in this world!

I am originally from Monterey, California - a very diverse part of California with a wide mixture of people and scenes. My back yard is the "Salad bowl of the world" where there are more rows of produce you could ever imagine and cows grazing all along those rolling CA hills. My front yard is the Pacific Coast filled with creative sand artists and boogie boarders (see what I mean by diverse?)

 My parents are both firefighters for Cal Fire and since my state is always on fire, they come in pretty handy. My family runs a cow/calf operation high in the Sequoia Mountains where I take a ridiculous amount of photos of Black Angus Baldie calves (thank me later). 

 I currently live in Stillwater, Oklahoma where I am studying Agriculture Communications and Animal Science at Oklahoma State University, Go Pokes! 

 I'm a sucker for a good Roan Cowpony and Aussie doggos... OH, and I really like taking photos ;) 

So, how did ​I get started with photography? ​

If you haven't figured it out, I really love cows (who doesn't?), but along with that, I love capturing the people who care for those cows. As I mentioned my family has a cow/calf operation in Three Rivers, California and this country is a photographers paradise. All I wanted to do was show people that may not be involved in agriculture what they were missing out on. (Side note: I went to a high school where nobody knew anything about agriculture... like seriously nothing.) That's when I really started photographing just every day things around the ranch. Things I saw that highlighted the importance of animal agriculture. Since then I have really focused my work on "ranch life" along with other aspects that highlight the rural way of living and occasionally two-legged critters ;)

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